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Ridge Augmentation in Hoboken, NJ

When you have a tooth extracted your dentist may need to recreate the contour your gums normally had. This procedure is called a Ridge Augmentation and is common after a tooth extraction.

What are Ridge Augmentations?

Ridge Augmentation gets its name from the alveolar ridge, which is the bone in the jaw that is located around the root of your tooth. After a typical tooth extraction, your jawbone’s empty socket will heal, replacing the tooth with bone and tissue. If the bone around the tooth breaks during the extraction, the socket may be unable to heal correctly, which can cause the socket to deteriorate.

Ridge Augmentation is used to rebuild the original height and width of this ridge around the socket, which will help with the placement of dental implants and provide cosmetic benefits.

What happens during a Ridge Augmentation?

Ridge augmentation typically takes place immediately after a tooth extraction and places the bone grafting material in the tooth’s socket. After this is completed, a patient’s gum tissue is sutured over the socket.  Once the area has healed, Dr. Merker can prepare the area for a dental implant.

Ridge Augmentation is typically performed under local anesthesia in our office. To learn more about how ridge augmentation in Hoboken can help you, contact our office today!

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